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Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO


Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO

“It’s not only wine that sings, Olive oil sings too, it lives in us with its ripe light and among the good things of the earth I set apart Olive oil, your ever-flowing peace, your green essence, your heaped-up treasure which descends in streams from the olive tree.” Pablo Neruda

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from the variety of superior olive groves present in the area of Cima di Bitonto, also called Ogliarola Barese, and Coratina for at least 80%. To receive the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) denomination the environmental conditions and cultivation of olive groves must be traditional and characteristics of the area and such as to confer the specific qualitative characteristics to the oil. Oil can be extracted with mechanical processes only, without damaging and modifying the original and authentic features of the fruit. Pressing and extraction of Olive Oil are made within 24 hours from the harvest.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from olives grown and processed in Apulia
  • Superior italian oil category
  • Cold pressing
  • Varieties of olives: Ogliarola Bari and Coratina


Classic milling with granite millstones


Highest acidity degree not more than 0.5 grams per 100 grams of oil


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