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Organic Coffee


“Coffee is the only place where the discourse creates reality, where they are born giant plans, utopian dreams and conspiracies anarchist without having to leave their chair.” Montesquieu

The natural consequence of our quest for apulian agrifood exallencies has led us to organic coffee, which is grown in sustainable and environmentally friendly way, from plantations in complete harmony with the environment. The cultivation system is free of harmful substances to people and surrounding ecosystem.

In Europe, the strict protocol on organic farming, shared by all member states, regulates the whole coffee processing: from harvesting to storage, roasting, mixing and packaging. The “Euro-leaf” logo on the packaging guarantees its sustainability and traceability. Each product certified according to the EU organic logo meets high requirements aimed at the protection of the environment, nature, and the countryside. For example, lands cannot have been treated with synthetic pesticides for the past three years, this means that lands being planted must be treated with only organic fertilizers or natural pesticide, no chemical compound.

We propose a ground coffee produced in one of the most advanced factories in Europe, which ensures a constant and uniform roasting bean. In addition, to achieve the maximum aroma and taste, the mixing operations, according to the old cooling process, are carried out using air turbines. The authenticity and quality of the product is combined with the pleasure of drinking an excellent coffee.