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Toritto Almond



“It would be a big mistake destroy the actual heritage variety, that were strengthened through centuries of experience, to achieve the desired standardization […] in the areas of ancient culture issue of varieties can not be treated with simplicity […] and is not excluded the probability that certain varieties, now confined to small areas, are worth as much or more than those who have achieved success thanks to a better commercial activity. Leonardo Fanelli

The Toritto almond is a fine fruit harvested from late August to early October, largely appreciated in haute italian and international cuisine in recent years. It’s used in pastry to make “pasta reale” (similar to marzipan) and nougat, it can also be eaten on its own or after a light toasting.
The “mother” plant of the variety called “Filippo Cea” survives in an little area called “Matine” (close to Toritto); this variety is symmetrical and of medium size, with a rough, dark-ochre episperm that has a small and rounded tip. It has a sweet and intense taste, yet balanced and elegant, characterized by a high oil and fatty acids content, a very low acidity and a strong doughiness with final butter tasting notes.
The outstanding organoleptic and nutritional profile of Filippo Cea almond has been shown by various studies conducted by the Institute of Agronomic Research in Bari, who confirmed a high oil content (59.57%), of which nearly 74% is comprised of oleic acid, followed by 18.6% of linoleic acid. Another significantly important factor in this almond’s variery is its significant vitamin E (Tocopherol) content, which carries out antioxidizing actions in the human body.


  • Insert into the Italian traditional food product (P.A.T.) list of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (Mipaaf)
  • Protected by Slow Food Association